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All products are frozen.

Traditional Pyrohy

Potato & Cheddar Cheese 650g - $7.50/ea

One of people’s favourite! Each bag is… you will love these… Also, for some tasty recipes <hyperlink “tasty recipes” to blog post/page you can suggest fun things to do with product)> …a simple paragraph about product… [Example content]

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Potato & Onion 650g - $7.50/ea

Approximately 24 per bag – All of Baba’s Own Ukrainian Food is made in our commercial kitchen. We start with freshly steamed potatoes, and for our potato onion pyrohy, we add lightly sautéed onions and season to taste. Our pyrohy fillings and dough are handmade with care in small batches, formed and individually frozen before they are packaged.

Potato & Cottage Cheese 650g - $8.00/ea

You want potato & cottage cheese pyrohy… you got it! Satisfy your hunger today…

Potato, Cheddar Cheese & Bacon 650g - $8.00/ea

Put some bacon on it you say!? Well we did… so enjoy and share with your friends and family or just eat them all yourself… LOL!

Potato & Sauerkraut 650g - $9.60/ea

People love our potato & sauerkraut pyrohy!

Plain Cottage Cheese 500g - $9.50/ea

Are you a fan of cottage cheese? Well, treat your taste buds to….

Cottage Cheese & Dill 500g - $9.50/ea

Cottage cheese & dill – OMG! So good – This is the pyrohy everyone is talking about…

Handmade Pyrohy

Specialty Products

Nalysnyky 650g - $10.90/ea

Delicious Ukrainian cheese filled crepes, called Nalysnyky, which are flavoured with a touch of dill and baked with a lot of butter. Nalysnyky are a great accompaniment to any meal. Add cream and yum! Product of Alberta.

Add Ons

St. Michael's Insulated Bag - $7.50/ea

Great for taking your food on the go! This insulated bag will help you carry your food products.